Wounded Tortoise

I’ve been asked to create a logo for my running and biking group-a crew of old farts aging very ungracefully. Years of 100 miles-a-week running, and 100 miles-a-day biking are catching up. That miracle drug Glucosamine can’t keep up. We all creak and pop going up stairs, and our PRs

The Big Black Rocket

Every Fall, as Summer winds down, I pull out Gravity’s Rainbow (GR) and crawl into this amazing book. I first discovered GR in 1974, and it fuelled much of my early artwork.
GR paid for my first art show in London. Luckily, I knew a bit more about Rilke than the


Pronoia is the opposite of paranoia, and aptly describes the mindset of anyone writing a blog. I’ve dabbled with Blogger for years, but have decided to make the switch to WordPress for the control it allows. Automattic was so pleased to have me swap they changed the W logo to