Get your ass to the cenotaph.

Lovesong (sic)

A busy day of book and poster design ahead, and a multitude of Iron and Wine tracks cued up in iTunes. Sam Beam is a wonderful writer – “Lovesong of the Buzzard” is the finest poem I’ve read that addresses the conflicting layers and polar directions of spousal abuse.

What an emotive

Greasy Gris-Gris

I arrived home from a long bike ride yesterday, frozen to the bone. A package from Amazon was waiting for me, and I quickly fired up the tube amp and cracked the plastic shrink wrap on the superb “High Priest of Psychedelic Voodoo” by Dr. John the Night Tripper. Three

Prune Polish

Like many academics, I do not write well, wallowing in jargon and bombast. But, unlike most academics, I know I do not write well.

This rare flash of self-awareness is why I’m enjoying Polishing Your Prose by the Cahn brothers. Published by Columbia University Press, the book presents no new tricks.

Digital nicotine

The internet, that brush-fire-quick source of rumours and gossip, is mumbling that Apple is stopping iPod development. I still recall my excitement at being able to hold 256K of music in my hand, and tended to overlook how badly everything sounded. My love affair with the iPod was short-lived, as

Butterflies are free

Few projects offer the creative freedom of a gig poster. The possibilities are as uncharted as the demographic. Posted, usually without permission, on walls and windows, these ephemeral objects are butterflies. Eye catching, fragile and quickly dying.

La petite reine

I’m back after a happy week with la petite reine. Most visitors are gone, and Islanders all breath a collective sigh of relief. We are welcoming people, but most of us also welcome the respite from the hustle and bustle that summer brings.
Post-tourist, PEI’s narrow roads are once again relaxing


I’ve been making mixtapes since I was fourteen and my long-suffering Mom bought me my first cassette deck. I still make a mixtape every year on my birthday-a type of musical diary always named tracks@age. It’s fun to go back and see what I liked long ago and far away.


I’ve always enjoyed designing posters for bands. The ephemeral nature of the event assures a level of freedom you don’t have with other projects, and it is uplifting to work with young and exuberant artists. Most of my show work is pro bono for bands under the radar (i.e., stone-broke

The Perfect Portfolio

Things they don’t teach you in art school: The cardinal rule of first meetings with potential clients-bring goodies. The strongest portfolio in the world pales besides a tin of freshly baked blueberry muffins or biscotti. Simple cooking is a lost art, and many have forgotten how much better real food