Amor Sacro e Amor Profano

I’ve designed a Christmas card for as long as I can remember. I usually do two-one with a Christian theme, another more worldly-and funny. For the last ten years, our cards have featured our pal Jack the Corgi. We’ve been running out of Bible verses that mention dogs, (Dogs don’t

Tweaked Trola

Jordi Embodas’ “Trola” left me cold-odd as I usually eat up his fonts. But the tweaked “Trola Text” is stunning. What a wonderful book setting it will be. (The small caps strike me as a tad lifeless, but the italics vibrate, and I’ll have to discipline myself not to over-use


Listening to Vieux Farka TourĂ© (The Kaminanda Remix of “Sokosondou” is superb by the way), and working on a cover treatment for a novel set in the 70s. Still have to massage the letters, and figure I’ll crank the kerning tighter still, but think this has a nice 1970’s mass