La petite reine

Voila Capture 2014 10 02 07 50 06 AM

I’m back after a happy week with la petite reine. Most visitors are gone, and Islanders all breath a collective sigh of relief. We are welcoming people, but most of us also welcome the respite from the hustle and bustle that summer brings.

Post-tourist, PEI’s narrow roads are once again relaxing to ride. One can swoop up and down twisting and rolling hills with few vehicles to monitor. Farmers share the road and wave as you zip past their tractors. It’s always a rush to zoom by a giant transformer-like machine on a bicycle. There are still plenty of small mom-and-pop snack bars catering to the locals to fuel your ride, and 100 miles in the saddle buys you serious calorie karma points. Bikes-and their riders-roll best when well greased.

I arrived home to find another manuscript in my email inbox. I should use this money to replace my aging computer. But, after another fun week in the saddle, a new wheelset seems money better invested!

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