Digital nicotine


The internet, that brush-fire-quick source of rumours and gossip, is mumbling that Apple is stopping iPod development. I still recall my excitement at being able to hold 256K of music in my hand, and tended to overlook how badly everything sounded. My love affair with the iPod was short-lived, as I’ve never felt comfortable running or wandering the streets without the DEW line protection of my ears. On one run in particular, I’d have been mowed down by a drunk driver if I’d been running along listening to Miles Davis. The changing sound of tires going from pavement to gravel gave me time to jump in a ditch.

I find it ironic that turntables have outlived both the CD and the iPod.

And I’m sure record companies are salivating at the idea of being able to sell us fragile and difficult to copy music formats.

I’m not a vinyl snob. While I do think we are hard-wired for analog sound, my main joy in vinyl is the rituals involved. Holding that big slab of artwork in my mitts can’t be matched. And the prep work-cleaning, demagnetizing etc.-is akin to prepping your favourite Peterson pipe for a bowl of some obscure oily hand-cut tobacco. A rare treat good enough for my hero C.S. Lewis and certainly good enough for me. Digital music is a cigarette-instant and easy-but dumbed down.

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