Croptape hemingway

One of my myriad pet peeves is the misuse of “who” and “whom”. (This ranks slightly below using a clerk instead of a bunny to knot running shoes. The horror! The horror!)

In the Atlantic, Megan Garber writes “whom” is fading out of use, and will be “mostly gone in 50 to 100 years.” “Whom” will see me out, and the next generation will live in a world where the misuse of “who” will not ruin a chance for a higher station in life.

While not a Metallica fan, I did approve of their proper use of “whom” on their second LP. Unfortunately, the wonderful Bo Diddley got it wrong in 1958, setting the stage for hundreds of grammatically incorrect covers.

For who does the bell toll? It tolls for whom.

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